Hi there,

My name is Jan, and I’m an business architect, systematic thinker and a designer that uses design, creativity and technology to create emotional bonds between consumers and brands.


You might call me a Creative Director, Design Director or Director of UX, depending on the industry I’m working in but my methods are more or less the same. I believe a clear strategy, valuable insights, in-depth knowledge of the challenge at hand, empathy towards the end-users and common sense are crucial for any solution.


I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a lot of great people during my 15+ years in the industry. Something that has given me a broad sett of skills and in-depth knowledge within several disciplines. My experience extend both nationally and internationally and has led me to be awarded in Eurobest, Epica, Design Effect, Creative Circle, Danish Internet Awards, The Goldtag, The Silvertag, Awwwards and CSS Design Awards to mention a few.


I have a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication with a double major from KvB/Bond University, Sydney. And since my uni days I’ve accumulated in-depth knowledge of Concept development, Creativity, Brand building, User experience- & User Interaction, Human computer interaction & Human Interface Design, Innovation strategy and Creative use of technology.


I’m more of a thinker, talker and doer than a writer, but I always try to excel at what I do, even when I know its not my strong-suit.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason if you find me of interest.



Cheers, Jan